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Cochabamba - Waka trek

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Well, I havn't written in quite a while, because frankly, there wasn't much to write about. After the six days that we spent on the river, we arrived in Rurre Nabaka. There we stayed for a few days, and took a taxi back to La Paz. There we met friends in our hostel, and most of the time we just sat around, played pool and drank. We spent our Seder at the restaurant in the hostel; a very short, to the point one. Later that week, we spoke to the guy that runs the restaurant at the top floor of our hostel, and apparently he has his own treking agency. We spoke to him for a while, and eight of us decided to go to his own, personally planned trek. Six days, where we have jeeps, rock climbing, paragliding, and more. On the 21st of April we left La Paz for a city called Cochabamba, where we begin our trek.

We took a night bus to Cochabamba, where it was so cold at night and the toilet was broken, that I couldn't sleep at all. Fortunately the bus ride was very quick, and we arrived very early in the morning. We went to his house, where his friends made breakfast for all of us and we prepared for departure. Later in the morning we went in the jeeps into the mountains, and drove for hours until we reached a cabin in the middle of the jungle, near a small river, where we set up camp. That day, we called it an early night because the next day we go rock climbing.

The following morning we had our Kingly breakfast, made by our guides, and drove for about an hour in the jungle, until we reached the most beautiful chain of waterfalls I have ever seen in my life. We all went into the jungle, just off the stream, and climbed for hours on the trees, rocks and thick vegetation using ropes where we needed to. This place is deffinately the most amazing place I have seen on my trip. The water was running from the top of the mountain, and you could see every small waterfall along it's way down. It was amazing. Eventually, we reached a big rock plate, with natural pools, where we rested and took some silly pictures. Like I said before, what goes up, has to go down, so before the sun set, we began our race against time, to get out of the jungle in one peace before dark.
Once we got back to the campsite it hit me again. I haven't mentioned this before, but I got very ill this past week. Since last Tuesday I've been a bit weak. The first day on the trek I felt like I couldn't go on, so at night I rested, and by the next morning I felt slightly better, and couldn't miss out on that rock climbing oportunity. Unfortunately my body couldn't agree less with me, and when we got back, my knees hurt like hell, and my stomach gave me plenty of trouble, with a general weakness all over my body.

The next day was one of the worst experiences I've had. I woke up feeling so weak, I asked our guide to take me to a local hospital. He said there's one less than an hour away, and everybody wanted to come with me, because it was raining so hard anyway, they couldn't go do what was planned for that day, and also to be with me. We drove to the nearest town, and I saw a nurse that doesn't speak english, so I had to use one of my friends as translator for her. She gave me a shot of antibiotics where the sun don't shine, and then I couldn't even sit to relax. After that, everything went to hell and just froze. She gave me some antibiotic pills to take every few hours.
We all sat outside to eat lunch, when I felt so bad I went to the jeep. I felt so cold that I started to sweat. So hot that I was shaking uncontrolably. We went back after that to the campsite, where I lay in bed. The keeper of the cabin covered me up with blankets, that made me sweat cold sweat and soak my clothes through. My friends later came in and said I was pale as a ghost, took my shirt off, and I asked them to get me my sleeping bag. That was a good choice, because it was the first time that day that I felt comfortable, not too hot, not too cold. Finaly I fell asleep, tossing and turning, fighting away the illness, until when morning came, the sun dawned and I prevailed.

I felt alot better the next morning, after the shot, that I was able to go along with everybody to the Inca ruins.‏‎ Our guide, Alex, took us to a place called Incallajcta, there we toured around the remains of and Incan city, with temples and everything. Later that day we went to a hidden waterfall. Alex, our guide knows the area so well he discovered a single, tall, hidden waterfall in an opening in the mountain. We walked for less than 200 meters until we right underneath it. It was majestic, with it's size and power. It was so strong, that standing 50 meters away got you completely wet.
After everything was seen and done we went back to Cochabamba, finding a hotel for eveybody, and then we all went out to a restaurant together.

Early the next morning, we all woke up, had a quick breakfast, and were picked up by Alex to go to an open area just outside of town, to go Paragliding. We were eight people, and every turn takes more than half an hour. We had to wait at the "landing" area, while each in turn was taken by jeep to the top of the mountain, to a cliff, where we jumped off of. We had only one guide, so he had to do it over and over and over, taking a very long time between jumps. While up there though, it was so relaxing and quiet, you can't not enjoy it. One after the other we jumped, until there was no-one left to jump. We cleared away from there and headed over to the Spa.
Now, at first, the idea sounded good, but once we got there, we realized it wasn't quite so. When you think of a spa, you luxury, hansom men, beautiful women, and healthy stuff. This place was full of old, fat Bolivian men and women. There was one guy with a Hitler moustache, a guy that looks like Mousolini, and a woman that looks like Golda Meir, all sitting next to each other. Very ironic. Anyway, we entered the sauna, swam in the sub-zero pool, and received a massage from a very violent woman. It wasn't a pretty sight, and while on the "Death Bed" I couldn't help but pray for it to be over.
Once out of there, we took a abus at night back to La Paz, and from there we go to Peru.

May the force be with you.

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