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I arrived in Buenos Aires, after a short, but very bumby flight from Ushuaia. The takeoff was very rocky, and some Israeli guy yelled in between the noise, that when we land, all the Jews on the flight should read "Ha Gomel". Very amusing.
Anyway, I took a bus to the center, to meet Dima in his hostel. I found the place after walking around for a few minutes, and then I waited. And waited. And waited. I waited for over three hours for him, while he was waiting for me in a nearby hostel, that he sent me it's adress, but I had no internet so I didn't know about it. Eventually, he came and we talked and talked about what we want to do next in the trip. We ended up going to sleep at 5 AM, and woke up at 7 to go to the bus terminal, to buy tickets, out of the city.

At 11, that same morning, Dima, Myself, and a brother and sister we're travelling with now, all boarded a bus to a city, four hours west of Buenos Aires, called Rosario. There, we looked around for a while, untill we found a very cool, very Rock N' Roll-like hostel, run by a guy named Omar. He helped us tremendously with everything. We asked him to book us for a skydive in a town nearby, and two days later we had our "appointment". In the meantime, we had alot of time to kill.

The next day, we woke up early in the morning, and took a busride somewhere around the city, to a beach. Now, Rosario is basicly in the middle of Argentina, so no ocean for you (come back one year!). So aparently, we went to a lake. The water was very brown and muddy, but the weather was perfect. Unfortunately, we still don't know how it happened, when we came and looked for a place to sit, we ended up sitting next to some girls from our hostel, girls that I personally, can't get along with. They came with their awful "mizrahit" music. It was terrible. I came half-way across the world to get away from that kind of music, and they bring to the beach, and sit right behind me with it. Unthinkable.
Anyway, later that day we cooked ourselves dinner, and went to sleep quite early, because the next day was the big jump.

We woke up at noon-ish, the next day. Our hostel manager, Omar, was kind enough to give us a ride to the airfield. This is like being in Ra'anana, and saying "Oh, I'm going to Kefar-Saba today, how about I take you to Ashdod on the way?".
Anyway, when we got there, there were already about ten people that arrived before us and we had to wait for roughly 7 untill we jumped.
The sensation is simply something you cannot describe. I´ll try anyway.
You sit for about 10-15 minutes inside a terribly small airplane, piloted by someone younger than me(!). There´s only place for exactly four people, two jumpers, and two guides. The guides were such big people that they took most of the space inside the tiny plane.
From above you could see the entire countryside surrounding the airfield; miles and miles of land, and straight, unpaved roads. Once you open the door of the craft, all the wind rushes in, at 230 miles an hour. Then the fun part begins, you have to step outside, with a big skydiving guide connected to your back. I put my first leg outside, just like he told me to do, and then all I had to do is wait, because two seconds later I was falling. This fall is not a helpless fall, that you know that in the end gravity will win. This time, man has defeated the laws of physics. You fall for about 15-20 seconds, by that time I managed to place a (unlit) cigar in my mouth for a cool photo, but by the time we opened the chute, the cigar just deteriorated in my mouth.
This sensation, the adrenalin is something i´ve never experienced before, and I fell in love with it. That´s why I want to go to a skydiving course, either here somewhere, maybe in Cordoba, because I heard it was more legal there, and if not here, then I´ll do it in Israel.

The next couple of days weren´t as exhilirating as the day we jumped. We met our friends from other hostels. We went to a pool that belongs to the jewish comunity here in Rosario, ate outside, went to parties and scoured the city.

On Sunday, the 20th, in the evening, Dima, Lior & Ma´ayan (the brother and sister) and Me are all taking an 18 hour bus ride to Puerto Iguazu, on the Argentinian-Brasil border. We will stay there for a few days and we shall all see where we´re going next.

Untill then, Make it so.

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