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Ok, so it´s been a few days since I got here on monday night (depends which way you look at it). My 24hr day turned out to be more like 30hr or more seeing that we were chasing the sun around the world.... It got away. Chuck Norris would have caught it.

When Swarez (his real name is Swarly but we changed it in light of our suroundings to be more exotic) and myself arrived here we took a cab to a hostel in the city called Hostel Nana for less than 40 pesos per person.
To tell you the truth we didn´t find Buenos aires all that intersting because BA is a large port city just like any other in the world. It's big, it's dirty and expensive and other than parties at night or going out to a pub there isn´t much to do here.

On the other hand we had three and a half days here in BA while waiting for three more of us that came finally on friday after noon. We´ll get to that later.

So in three days we had more than enough time to get to know the city and our way around it.
On the first day we joined forces with two or three other people that have been here for a while by then, and we all went to this "Midrahov" for tourists where you can spend ridiculous amounts of money on junk and souveniers.
Later that day Swarez and I went out with three other girls that arrived a week before us and knew their way around better than us and took us to this pub on the main street and had a great time.

On the Next day we all decided to look for a way out of BA, so we found a cheap travel agency not far away, and met the girls there in the morning. We went inside thinking this could take a while, so in my head I planned out specific timetables for everything. In the end it took less than a minute for the person there to tell us there were no flights leaving for our destination until January 26.
Our original plan for the trip was to land in BA and then take the first flight out of the city to a province called Ushuaia which is in the south of the continent, the southern most habitable place on the planet.
Our dreams crushed, face first into a pile of garbage, which there is an abundance of here, we were still determind not to give up!
So we went and found ourselves the best all-you-can-eat restaurant and ate, between the five of us, around two cows, a chicken, and one puppy.
After leaving the travel agency, and before the restaurant, it was our first chance of really seeing the city. So armed with an arsenal of maps, water a massive will to see stuff I persuaded everyone to walk and not take any public transportation, because that way you can see more stuff.
Swarly was up to it, but the girls gave us a hard time at first because it was boiling outside. While walking on the main st. we came across this big church/cathedral - I don't really know what the difference is - and by the time we went out the girls were happy that we walked.
We continued walking toward this big "Park Ra'anana"-ish palce and on the way we stumbled across a Beit Habad!
So of course we went inside and spoke to the Deputy-Rabi who was very nice to us and gave us cold drinks and some explenations about the city.

Yesterday nothing real special happend other than riots around the city - WE WERE NOWHERE NEAR THAT DON'T WORRY.
We walked around BA again for a while, and then went to the girls' hostel and sat there for the rest of the evening drinking beer and eating spagheti a la bolognez.

On friday afternoon Oran, Omer & Nir finally arrived and because our hostel was full we had to find a different one for all of us.
That night it was christmas eve and we were invited to dinner in our hostel with alot of meat and alcohol, and also to a different hostel where the girls stay. In the end we decided to "celebrate" christmas at the girls' hostel like true jews, with meat and beer and wine!

On saturday afternoon we've booked a 16 hour bus ride to Mendoza. We had a whole day to kill until the bus ride so we met three beutiful Brazilian girls that are also staying in our hostel and they took us by bus to La Boca. It's a very beutiful little area in BA that has beutifuly colored buildings, and a lot of tourist attractions and had a great time there.

That's it for my first post. we're now waiting to board the bus hoping it'll be quick and painless. I hope that whoever is reading this, it wasn't too long and boring.

No puppies were harmed during the making of this post. any and all names and location are completely real. Any and all accidental similarity to any fictional person/persons is completely by accident.

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